Connect. Listen. Evolve.

Drive positive reviews and use customer insights to grow your business.


Use Winsite to unlock the true potential of Wi-Fi by enabling immediate feedback, listening to your customers' needs, and implementing change accordingly.

It is an intelligent Wi-Fi marketing system that operates either independently, as an add-on to Supernova/Nebulae, or in conjunction with existing networks.

It can help you to ensure your customers are 100% happy with your services, and that they will return time and time again.

We have implemented Firestar's Wi-Fi marketing system Winsite in 7 of our hotels nationwide. It gives us amazing insight into what our customers really want from VR Hotels, and we can adapt our services to suit them. Now we can intercept negative feedback, and deal with issues that arise quickly and efficiently, leaving us with happier customers every time. Our reputation has never been better!

Jin Kim

Sales & Market Manager | VR Hotels


Live Authentic Feedback

Drive Favourable Reviews

Boost Customer Expenditure

Feedback is delivered in real-time, which gives you the power to resolve issues quickly and further improve your services for your customers.

Enhance your reputation on TripAdvisor, Expedia and other influential sites through customers who have given positive feedback.

Offer prizes that are designed to encourage customers to spend more per visit.

VALUE TO YOUr customers

Give Customers A Voice

Boundless Internet

Easy & Exciting

Let your customers contribute to the growth of your business.

When customers log in they are given access to high data limits, allowing them to use Wi-Fi at their leisure.

Our ultra-simple, two-step sign in process makes it quick and easy for customers to interact with your brand.

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Case Study

Winsite Marketing Platform (Wi-Fi Add On)

The VR Group is now utilising Winsite in more than half of its hotels, and this number is only growing. Thorough reporting and more efficient communication have already resulted in increased customer satisfaction, among other great benefits.

High User Traffic

VR Hotels' Wi-Fi has over 7000 users per month, and many of these are continuous or repeat users, which allows for wide and effective customer engagement.


Over 700 guests provide feedback every month, which allows Winsite to give VR Hotels valuable insight into its customers' experiences. In the past, negative comments wouldn't be picked up until they were made public on reviewing websites, but now Winsite singles out concerning feedback and immediately notifies hotel management with any relevant information (i.e. guest name, room number and contact details). This allows VR Hotels to resolve issues faster than ever before, and quickly convert dissatisfied guests into happy, loyal customers. Guests who give favourable feedback are then encouraged to write public reviews, as we already know that they are satisfied with their experience.

External Site Reviews

Every month, more than 130 happy customers use reviewing websites such as Expedia and directly through Winsite. This vastly improves the VR hotel's reputation, and increases bookings and revenue.


Winsite allows VR Hotels to gather a wealth of information about its customers, which empowers management to effectively target its marketing and make strategic business decisions. The following information is provided:

  • country of origin
  • city of origin
  • gender
  • age

Extensive Customer Database

After starting from scratch, Winsite has allowed VR Hotels to build a database of over 20,000 customers' contact details, including mobile numbers, e-mail addresses and even Facebook profiles. This figure continues to grow by more than 2000 customers every month.






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